Serbian people – Belgradians

Serbian people – Belgradians



In Belgrade you won’t find German exactness, Swiss cleanliness and French luxury. Belgrade is neither chaotic like oriental cities, nor it is noisy like other Western metropolises. Belgrade is Belgrade, Belgradians are Slavs, characterized by the famous Slavic soul. Belgradians know how to stand grief, how to overcome toubles, and how to be happy  –  no problem, they keep saying.

Close friends kiss on the gather cheek three times when they meet. When you come to some body’s home, you may be offered slatko (home made preserued fruit) and men’s and women’s job. To be late at work at home into sin. Belgradians like coffee-houses and bars In restaurants, they will order grill in 90 per cent of an cases. Belgradians use every single chance to celebrate something. They kick and push each other when they stand squeezed in overpacked city buses, and they are often nervous in doing it.  In Belgrade people discuss politics very much. The favorite sports are tennis and football, everybody know for  Novak Djokovic – Serbian proffesional tennis player. The most popular foorball teams are the rivals Partizan and Red Star.

Old Belgradians still believe that rakia is the best drink. Young people are the well dressed and like going out. Belgrade girls are beautiful. Belgradians love their city.


To write about Belgrade requires to live in it, and to live with it. Only those who live that way can help you to discover the city’s secret charm, and you will love it. Belgrade is a traffic chaos at noon and bohemian ambience of restaurants and coffe bars, with music full of joy and full of sorrow, in the evening; Belgrade has busy European streets and the forgotten peace of the wild banks of the Sava and Danube Rivers. To learn how to consume Belgrade, bear in mind the fallowing:

  • it is an ever changing city (this guide tries hard to record the changes), witch gives it the attraction of unpredictable
  • if you lose your way, it is the fisrt sign of an adventure
  • you can visit Belgrade anytime year around, but it is most pleasent in springtime, early fall, and New Year.


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