Monasteries Fruska Gora & Ethno village

Monasteries Fruska Gora

Monasteries Fruska Gora & Ethno village


Monasteries Fruska Gora

Sightseeing  tour of Fruska Gora. Visit to monasteries Krusedol, Grgeteg and Velika Remeta. Enjoy raditional serbian food at Perkov salas (ethno village).

Fruška Gora is a mountain in north Srem. Sometimes, it is also referred to as jewel of Serbia, due to its beautiful landscape protection area, nature and its picturesque countryside. Thanks to its hospitable environment, there are also over a dozen Serbian Orthodox monasteries located on Fruška Gora. According to historical data, these monastic communities were historically recorded since the first decades of the 16th century. Legends, however, place their founding to the period between the 12th and 15th centuries. The monasteries are concentrated in an area 50 kilometers long, and 10 kilometers wide. In the course of centuries of their existence, these monasteries sustained the spiritual and political life of the Serbian nation.

Krusedol – The monastery was founded between 1509 and 1516, by Bishop Maksim (Despot Djuradj Barankovic) and his mother Angelina.

Grgeteg – According to tradition the monastery was founded by Zmaj Ognjeni Vuk (Despot Vuk Grgururevic) in 1471. The earliest historical records about the monastery date to 1545/1546.

Velika Remeta– Traditionally, its founding is linked to King Dragutin. The earliest historical records about the monastery date to 1562.

Novo Hopovo – According to tradition, the monastery was built by the Despots of the Brankovic dynasty. The first reliable mention of the monastery is dated to 1641.

Perko’s Ranch is situated on the southern slopes of Fruska Gora. Perfect location of the farm, beautiful landscape and clean air attract many visitors. The name “Perkov Salas” comes from the nickname of one of the ancestors of the family Ivanic. It’s close to the Serbian Orthodox Monasteries of Grgeteg, Krusedol, Velika Remeta and Novo Hopovo.

DEPARTURE/DURATION Hotel pick up / 8 h
License local guide Transportation/driver
Welcome drink Lunch at Perkov salaš
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