Belgrade Gastro Tour

Belgrade Gastro Tour
belgrade gastro tour
belgrade gastro tour
belgrade gastro tour
belgrade gastro tour

Belgrade Gastro Tour


Visit to Skadarska Street (Skadarlija) the main bohemian quarter of Belgrade

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Belgrade Gastro Tour – Food tour

 Hear the story about typical Serbian food“   🙂 

Visit to Skadarska Street (Skadarlija) the main bohemian quarter of Belgrade. It includes well-known restaurants, hotels, art galleries, antique and souvenir shops. Meat, pastry and local vegetables dominate in Serbian cuisine.

Skadarlija (Skadar street) is bohemian quarter in the centre of Belgrade, about 500m long cobble paved street. In this place were founded the oldest inns or kafanas in Belgrade. At the end of 19th and in the beginning of the 20th century here lived famous poets, artists, painters and writers. Today, this street is a must see for the visitors of Belgrade and all people who like enjoying typical traditional cuisine.

Hotel ”Moscow”, the landmark of Belgrade, is one of the most important sights in the capital centre. It’s built in style of Russian secession combined with ancient greek elements. The Grand opening was in 1908, it was declared by King Peter I Karadjordjevic as a host. In the second half of 20th century, edifice was chosen one of most significant cultural monuments of Belgrade.During the opening ceremony the King’s Guard, the Royal Serbian Army’s most elite unit, staged a concert, and guests were the people of the utmost importance of that time.Nobel prize winner Ivo Andric had his own table in the hotel’s cafe, where he often sat alone, drunk a mild turkish coffee with ratluk (Turkish delight).
Hotel Moscow’s president suite had many famous visitors among which artists and politicians such as Leonid Breznjev, Indira Gandhi, Robert McNamara…The suite was named after Albert Einstein, who was brought by his Serbian descent wife, Mileva Maric. Both of them were guests of hotel’s cafe soon after the opening in 1908.

Moscow slice is the sweet trademark of Belgrade. What’s Sacher cake for Vienna, that’s Moscow slice for Belgrade. The recipe that consists of soft white cream, cherries, pineapple and peaches was created in 1974.

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