COFFE IN BELGRADE ? In the text bellow, you will find the few advices about coffe shops in Belgrade, made by Belgrade’s coffe lovers. Serbia Travel Host blog is a little handbook made for you by serbian people.   1. Kafeterija / Кафетерија Belgrade LOCATIONS:  Kafeterija Studentski Trg  – Adress: Zmaja od Noćaja 13 | Belgrade | Contact: +38111 4084352 Kafeterija Dorcol – Adress: Zorza

 Top 10 restaurants with a tradition   1. Restaurant “Franš” “Franš“ is Belgrade. It’s a first-rate of social life, where you show your new clothes, where you present your new love, make business arrangements and celebrate your birthday.‘’Franš’’… That’s the stairs and glamorous garden … The lamps and pleasant atmosphere…The paravane with glued corks that

Serbian dictionary (for beginners) In Serbian language, every written letter is pronounnced. You should remember this useful rule. It will help you to read name of street signs in the city, communicate with domestic people, and read the following dictionary of the most common and the most necessary words and phrases in Serbian. The pronunciation of

Serbian Orthodox Tradition Traditional life in the whole of Serbia, and hence in Belgrade, is rooted in eastern Orthodox. However, recent years have bought a sudden and intensive revival og tradition. As in other cities, the best way to meet the Belgrade tradition and customs is to be there during important traditional holiday. Both public and

Belgradians In Belgrade you won’t find German exactness, Swiss cleanliness and French luxury. Belgrade is neither chaotic like oriental cities, nor it is noisy like other Western metropolises. Belgrade is Belgrade, Belgradians are Slavs, characterized by the famous Slavic soul. Belgradians know how to stand grief, how to overcome toubles, and how to be happy 
SERBIA CONSTRUCTION  BELGRADE FORTRESS (AD 535) LOCATION: Belgrade NOTABLE FEATURES: Pobednik monument, Despot Stefan Tower, Gate of Charles VI, Gate of Karadjordje, Ruzica Church, Museum of Natural History, Military Museum, Belgrade Zoo, Tomb of People's Heroes. SARGAN EIGHT (1925) LOCATION: Sargan Eight to Mokra Gora NOTABLE FEATURES: A narrow-gauge heritage railway. Location of Drvengrad, a traditional village that the Serbian film director Emir Kusturica had built for his film Life Is a