Belgrade Restaurants – Top 10 restaurants with a tradition

Belgrade Restaurants – Top 10 restaurants with a tradition

Restaurant Tchaikovsky hotel Moskva

 Top 10 restaurants with a tradition


1. Restaurant “Franš”

restaurant frans

Franš“ is Belgrade. It’s a first-rate of social life, where you show your new clothes, where you present your new love, make business arrangements and celebrate your birthday.‘’Franš’’… That’s the stairs and glamorous garden … The lamps and pleasant atmosphere…The paravane with glued corks that have marked a lot of break ups and reconciliations, political victories, business success and the excellent school marks.‘’Franš’’ means all diopter glasses for those who can not see well, it’s a blanket to wrap in the garden during chilly nights, candy mints on the way out and rose for each lady, on Fridays and Saturdays. It means gifts for those who are celebrating birthdays and friendly waiters who sing the birthday song, colored umbrellas when it’s pouring outside, and it means Julio, Eros, Charles Aznavour, Norah Jones, and light jazz for lunch. It means toys and menus for children, and even bibs, it means thickly lined pictures on the walls and of course the fountain in the garden which reminds of Paris.‘’Franš’’ means forty five salads and a symbolic small gourmet burger, the menus for ladies and the menus for gentlemen. ‘’Franš’’ means fried peppers stuffed with cheese, homemade gnocchi, hot buns from our own bakery, pastries from patisserie, and of course an amazing selection of wines. With restaurants own laboratory that checks complete food every day, ‘’Franš’’ belongs to the line of most caring restaurants in Serbia.It’s the place where those who are far away come back, it’s that feeling that you are always welcome and that there will always be a table for you. ‘’Franš’’, the romance and suspense, evening or afternoon gathering, it is a place that was one of the few places in Belgrade where ladies could go out alone, and always feel comfortable.

“Franš“ is a well known feeling, always the same, that the life in Belgrade is beautiful, that people are nice, and that life and beauty, not even in the hardest time, have ever abandoned Belgrade.A pleasant atmosphere and a permanent glorification of life , excellent food and the feeling that you are always more than welcome, the smell of elegance and nice perfumes, the relaxation for being among your friends, it s a place that nothing in Belgrade can be compared to. ‘’Franš’’ has the measure. It has people. ‘’Franš’’ is the modern history of Belgrade, it represents great memories that have passed, and all the memories that are yet to be made.Nothing is accidental.
Belgrade loves ‘’ Franš’’. Belgrade is ‘’Franš’’.

2. Restaurant Znak pitanja (“Question mark”)

belgrade restaurants top ten restaurants

With the tradition of over two centuries “Znak Pitanja” is the oldest restaurant in Serbia, it was founded on 1823. Enjoy in the authentic ambience of this XIX century restaurant, its music program and national food and drinks that are prepared in a traditional way.
Restaurant “Znak Pitanja” is located in the heart of Belgrade. Its atmosphere and its charm make it an iconic gathering place for Serbian bohemians. The offer of the restaurant includes the specialties of national cuisine and excellent drinks that are simply irresistible. The restaurant also includes two open gardens that offer an ideal ambience for a complete delight. The restaurant’s gardens, and also some of the tables in the restaurant, have a spectacular view over Saborna Church.

Our recommendation from our offer is all grilled dishes and “Vodenicarska Muckalica” (a traditional Serbian dish with meat and vegetables).

3. Restaurant “Dva Jelena”

Restaurant Dva Jelena

Dva jelena restaurant, one of the oldest and most frequented restaurants in Belgrade, has been the biggest  à la carte restaurant on the territory of former Yugoslavia for more than hundred years. It is located in Skadalija, the bohemian heart of the city, also known as Belgrade Montmarte.

The story of Dva jelena goes like this:

In the spring of 1832, a hard-working baker named Avram set up his own bakery in this exact spot. The bakery was a success after only one year and his wife Petronija, realising the potential of the big stove, started making cooked meals for the locals. In no time at all, they were coming in throngs. In 1867, a restaurant owner called Joakim bought the bakery from Avram for 20 gold coins and 2 ‘groš’. Then he hired Djordje, a heavily moustached builder from the region of Crna Trava, to expand the space and turn into a restaurant. The word of mouth about the restaurant’s beauty and the kindness of its owner spread very quickly around the town. Very soon the restaurant became the meeting place of people from all walks of life: craftsmen, actors, poets, artists, musicians, novelists, travelling groups of actors, and other visitors, fans of good music, good drinks and good entertainment.

One day, some hunters from Belgrade brought their prey – two deer –  in front of the restaurant. The people who gathered around it suggested that from that day on Joakim’s place should be called “Kod Dva jelena”. We must never forget that  the famous artists and giants of Serbian culture, the regular guests of our restaurant, were the ones who made Dva jelena  well-known worldwide.

Foreign statesmen, artists and tourists from all over the world are also the guests of this restaurant.

4. Restaurant “Tri sesira”

Restaurant Tri Sesira
Restaurant Tri Sesira

Belgrade restaurant “Three hats” exist since 1864. Skadarlija is unforgettable and the most beautiful story of the old Belgrade. That old, romantic-boehemian Skadarlija from its memory albums gives us many interesting stories and anecdotes about our and worldwide artists who said that they had spent their best days at Skadarlija at night. Its most famous resident, giant of Serbian poetry and art Djura Jaksic, has often in the company of bohemians, at the restaurant “Tri šešira” emphasized a playful message:

“One more smoke, one more glass, One more song, one more lass And then goodbye, my musician, Goodbye, my hostelry, forever.”

Skadarlija in the centre of Belgrade, in its heart, for more than a century disseminates the glory of old Belgrade’s bohemian, the special way of life which glorifies vine, beauty and love. Popular actors, artists, politicians and presidents like Alessandro Pertini – the President of Italy ,the President Josip Broz Tito, the King of Spain Juan Carlos, George Bush the President of SAD, the President Willy Brandt along with the writers contributed in reviving legends of Skadarlija. The restaurant “Tri šešira” is like a history book in which the world was Skadarlija, and Skadarlija the whole world.

 5. Restaurant “Klub Knjizevnika”

Restaurant Klub Knjizevnika
Restaurant Klub Knjizevnika

Klub književnika is a place of good food and legendary tales. In Klub knjizevnika Ivo Andrić gave his first statement after he received Nobel prize. This is the place where Danilo Kiš and Momo Kapor always sat together, and the place where they felt old for the first time. This is the place where one evening Rockefeller came to dinner among the first guests, and left among the last ones. Klub književnika is, for almost 70 years, a place where many loves were born. This was the only place, according to their friends, where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton never argued. This is the place where Olivera Katarina got engaged and married and all in one night! Klub Književnika was the first witness of the relationship between Ljiljana and Momo Kapor.

Today, after 70 years, Belgrade has changed. Klub književnika also changed, nevertheless, some things remained: good food prepared in a traditional manner, and pleasent atmosphere where great names of today sit along with the young new hopes of tomorrow.

6. Restaurant “Caruso”

Restaurants Caruso Belgrade
Restaurant Caruso

The man who gave his name to the whole epoch is surely extraordinary person. Don’t tell you have never heard about him!

Milan, Venice, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Paris, Berlin were entertaining famous singer, but during the whole his career he was making stage performance at Metropolitan opera. If investors hadn’t betrayed Nikola Tesla, his giant radio tower in Longailend would have certainly emited sounds Caruso’s fantastic voice. Tesla knew Caruso personally and he was very proud he could see his picture next to Caruso at Museum of emigrant, The Statue of Liberty. Another Tesla’s friend, chess master Bora Kostic, the second-rank on the American continent, taught famous tenor to play chess. A singer hadn’t paid in cash, insted, there was evidence, “pupil” paid by singing. Namely, Caruso “had to” sing Bora’s favorite song named “Golden Branch”, Serbian folk song. That isn’t all about Caruso and Serbians. After World War I, Caruso, Vice-president of Foundation for children of Italian emigrants, sent help for Serbian war orphans, from great donations directed at destroyed Europe. The restaurant is placed on the last floor of the eight-story building located in Terazije 23, wherefrom you have the unique view, from the plateau of Terazije, heart of the city, over the mouth of the rivers, Sava and Danube, to Zemun and prairie of Srem. During enjoyment in your favorite drinks and dishes, or dishes from original cuisine and selected drinks from our offer, you can enjoy in this view from the inside of the restaurant, as well as you can delight in the sight from the balcony that extends along the south-west side of the city. Delicate choice of the ambiental music and pleasant interior of the restaurant complement your experience and, we hope, contribute in the sense you will come again to visit us. Our restaurant offers Mediterranean, domestic dishes and dishes of Balkan cuisine. Also we serve some particular dishes made by rare or original recipes which will surprise you, we are sure, by its diversity and sophisticated balanced taste.

7. Restaurant “Saran” – Fish restaurant

restauran saran zemun belgrade
Restaurant Saran, Zemun

The restaurant “Saran” soul and fishermens spirit of Zemun.

More than a century ago, fisherman Vicentije Vukotic on the ground floor of his house opened an ‘kafana’, which very fast became well-known for its fish soups unique taste, whose traditional recipe is used even today. This adorable house, just on the right bank of the Danube, captivates with its architecture and since its inception has gathered the most famous names and personalities from various fields of work and life. This is the first place that fishermen came to hand fresh fish right from their boats. That’s what “Saran” is most proud of today. It primarily what “Saran” now takes precedence in hospitality offer is certainly his kitchen. Years of work, experience, youthful enthusiasm and ambition, well-coordinated team resulted in a unique offering and quality. “Saran” is a seafood restaurant with four stars. Tradition was held on the Danube, a rich offer of traditional and specific type of food and freshwater fish is definitely what is expected from the restaurant. “Saran” has gone a step further in the latest developments and beside freshness and quality of the sea and marine treasures offers a variety of dishes for those who do not like fish. “Saran” also boasts its own production of sweets.

8. Restaurant “Kovac”

Restaurant Kovac
Restaurant Kovac


This is not merely a restaurant where you can have genuine Serbian cuisine at any time of day or night, this is Smithies where you can beat the daily routine and be welcomed and waited by proper Serbian way.

At this site, the story goes, there once stood a roadside tavern. Travelers journeying along the road hundreds of years ago used to drop in for refreshments and snacks after a long trip. They would tell their stories, and as the legend goes, they would spend from morning till down there.

The building that host modern ethno style restaurant was built in 1932. The restaurant was named Kovac (Blacksmith or Smithies) because of the legend say there was one next door working for masters relaxing and storytelling in tavern. Also, because of the old belief that every blacksmith is also a sorcerer, capable of defeating the devil by identifying with him and fooling him at the end.

There is also a popular saying that each man forges his own fortune. In autumn of 2005 Kovac was fully renovated and adjusted to cater to what people expect to find in a good restaurant and more. The restaurant specialises in traditional Serbian dishes, barbeque and roast under wrought iron plates and similarities in international cuisine with dishes in an environment redolent of bygone times.

9. Restaurant “Lovac” – for lovers of venison

Restaurant Lovac
Restaurant Lovac

The famous restaurant “Lovac” is located in the heart of Vračar, in downtown Belgrade. It is a great place for lovers of venison, the national cuisine and specialties from the grill. The restaurant was opened in the year 1963, and during the decades has become a favorite meeting place of actors, writers, old Belgrade artists and bohemians, as well as hunters from all over Serbia. In the distinctive Belgrade ambiance packed with hunter’s secrets that, thanks to the displayed rifles and belts, the venison gallery and the choice of colors, resembles a natural forest environment, our guests enjoy a “cup of warm friendly conversation”, in an oasis of almost forgotten serenity, satisfaction and enjoyment. “Lovac” offers a relaxed homely atmosphere with hints of bohemia, skilled waiters and the national cuisine, that many consider as one of the best in town – the right measure for the restaurant. The restaurant is located on the corner of the streets Njegoševa and Alekse Nenadovića, just a few steps away from the city commotion, which can not be felt in our garden at all. One of the biggest and most beautiful restaurant gardens in Vračar, with a thick shade of the old lime tree, is a pleasant ambiance, filled with the taste of food and a rich assortment of drinks.

10. Restaurant “Stara Hercegovina”

Restaurant Stara Hercegovina
Restaurant Stara Hercegovina

The 19th century building in which “Stara Hercegovina” is placed, is owned by the company “Višnjica restaurants d.o.o.”. The restaurant is divided in three areas consisting of the main hall and two lounges, which are respectably named after two regions of Hercegovina – Travunija and Zahumlje. Indoor of the restaurant has an approximate capacity of 250 seats, and in the summer period when garden is in function, has approximately capacity of 380 seats. On the restaurant is walls, there are pictures of famous Hercegovians – St. Sava (whose ancestors come from that area), St. Vasilije of Ostrog, poet Aleksa Šantić, poet Jovan Dučić and many others.

This is a cult restaurant with a wide range of specially selected and prepared specialties. In this Belgrade restaurant, you must try a traditional meal called Raštan (it is a plant from the cabbage family which grows in areas of southern Hercegovina and Dalmatia, which is cooked with meat and it is a traditional specialty). Also we suggest goat cheese served with cooked potatoes prepared in biletian way, prosciutto from Hercegovina and cheese from Zubac. Beside food the restaurant offers famous Hercegovinian wines such as “Žilavka” wine from the cellar Anđelić, Ratković and Vukoje and famous red wine product of the Orthodox monastery.

Restaurant / pub “Stare Hercegovina” is a popular meeting place for the art world, athletes, politicians and businessmen. The restaurant is walls are honored with the portraits of famous Hercegovinian intellectuals among which is of a great poet Momo Kapor. Momo Kapor was a frequent guest of the restaurant, and in 1991. it was he who had the honor to declare opening of the restaurant. There is no artist or writer who has written so many nice stories about bohemic life connected to Belgrade cafés as Kapor did.


We recommend “Moskva šnit”, “Moskva” hotel’s sweet brand. The recipe was created in 1974 and it has been the favourite cake of Belgrade’s citizens for over four decades. It is prepared throughout the region, but there is only one original. Right here! Moskva cake is the sweet trademark of Belgrade. What’s Sacher cake for Vienna, that’s Moscow slice for Belgrade. The recipe that consists of soft white cream, cherries, pineapple and peaches was created in 1974.


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