Belgrade New Year 2017

Belgrade New Year 2017

HELLO.  🙂  If you think that Belgrade is somewhere between Europe and Asia – well, you’re right. If you think that Belgrade is on the way to Greece, you’re right again. All roads lead to Belgrade. Belgrade means white town, and that’s the name which ancient Slavs gave it. It is not white now, but is more charming.

To write about Belgrade requires to live in it, and to live with it. Only those who live that way can help you to discover the city’s secret charm, and you will love it. Belgrade is a traffic chaos at noon and bohemian ambience of restaurants and coffe bars, with music full of joy and full of sorrow, in the evening; Belgrade has busy European streets and the forgotten peace of the wild banks of the Sava and Danube Rivers. To learn how to consume Belgrade, bear in mind the fallowing:

  • it is an ever changing city (this guide tries hard to record the changes), witch gives it the attraction of unpredictable
  • if you lose your way, it is the fisrt sign of an adventure
  • you can visit Belgrade anytime year around, but it is most pleasent in springtime, early fall, and New Year.


Belgrade New Year 2017 Program

28.12.2016 – 02.01.2017

New Year Program



Panoramic Tours of Belgrade


We offer you panoramic view of the most interesting parts of Belgrade with entering to the Temple of St. Sava- one of the biggest Orthodox working Church in Balkans. This tour is the best way to see what you like the most in Belgrade and then know where to continue your research, or if you have limited time to see the very best of Belgrade. This tours are private for the groups from 3 to 7 persons. You can chack out tour on the link below:

Panoramic Tour of Belgrade


Photo by Aleksandra Kostić


Walking Tours

Spirit of Belgrade Tour

In the heart of the city is the Terazije Street, which extends to the most popular pedestrian street – Knez Mihailova (Prince Michael Street). Every adult Belgradian can tell you where those two streets are. At the end of the Balkanska Street is Moskva Hotel, the central and most beautiful building at Terazije, also one of the reference points in the downtown area. Heading northwest from the Moskva Hotel by a small fountain (Terazije fountain), you will reach Knez Mihailova, which opens to the wide Squere of the Republic on the right side, short after the beginning of the street. There you will recognize two buildings, the National Theater, and National Museum, and the Prince Michael’s monument (the horseman). At the end of Knez Mihailova is the big park Kalemegdan and the medieval Belgrade Fortress, built over the Sava River’s mouth. The view from Kalemegdan will help you understand where and how some parts of the city are located. If you spend New Year 2017 in Belgrade, we can be your hosts and guides. In the period from 28.12.2016 to 02.01.2017 you can go on this tour everyday at 11 AM and 2 PM. Meeting Point is in front of the Hotel Moskva (Terazije fountain). You can chack out tour on the link below:

Spirit of Belgrade


Photo by Boris Marisavljević

Vracar Tour

Southeast from the Moskva Hotel, Terazije Street extends to Kralja Milana Street, leading to the squere Slavija.  In this street, half the way from from Moskva Hotel to Slavija, Beogradjanka is located. It is a tall black building, made of steel and glass, another important reference point in Belgrade. Paralel with this street is Boulevard of Revolution, one of the longest street in Belgrade. There is located St. Marco church. Visit to St.Sava Temple. This temple is the biggest orthodox church on the Balkans Peninsula (built over the area of the 3500 m2, 67.5 m high, can admit 12000 people). Although it is not finished yet, it looks monumenta; and very attractive. It is erected close to Slavija, on the place of the highest altitude in Belgrade.

Photo by Boris Marisavljević

Belgrade Gastro Tour

 Hear the story about the most popular Serbian food and drinks“. Visit to Skadarska Street (Skadarlija) the main bohemian quarter of Belgrade. Skadarlija (Skadarska street) is bohemian quarter in the centre of Belgrade, about 500m long cobble paved street. In this place were founded the oldest inns or kafanas in Belgrade. Visit also Moskva (Moscow) hotel and try the Moscow slice is the sweet trademark of Belgrade. What’s Sacher cake for Vienna, that’s Moscow slice for Belgrade. The recipe that consists of soft white cream, cherries, pineapple and peaches was created in 1974. In the period from 28.12.2016 to 02.01.2017 you can go on this tour everyday at 7 PM. Meeting Point is Republic Squere (Tourist info center of Serbia). You can chack out tour on the link below:

Belgrade Gastro Tour



Photo by Aleksandra Kostić

NY’s Eve 2017

Traditionally, a free open air concerts at the Republic Squere.

31th December 2016 : Serbian music groups Bajaga i instruktori and Plavi orkestar




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